Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

That's not my son!

I went to my dad's blog today, and I thought that it was cool that I could know what was going on in his life. Then I decided that I should probably start blogging again, because I know you guys missed me.

Last week, on Monday, I fell off my skateboard and knocked out a couple of teeth. I'm totally joking. But I did bust my knee, and I had to get stitches.

I told Bernie that the first thing I thought when I hit the ground was, "I hope I can still skate tomorrow." Apparently I couldn't, because I was in the hospital from 8:35 till 10:46 getting stitches.

I also wasn't able to run or play flag football in PE. It sucked.

Two days later I told myself, "Whatever. I'm going to run today, and I will play too." I was the only one on the blue team that was even trying, and I couldn't even bend my knee all the way.

I am still not supposed to, but I thought that it was probably healed enough so that I could skate yesterday. It was, because I skated for 3 hours with my friend and there was no damage to my knee. We later went to Pepe's, a local taco shop.

I saw some of Tor's friends that I had met before there. I said hi to one of them, Noodles, and she just said, "Why does that kid look so familiar?"

I had to explain that she was the one who taught me how to do ballet. That helped her remember me. How embarrassing.

After she remembered me, she gave me a hug. The other friend, who we will just refer to as "Funny Guy", said "Don't give her a hug, she didn't even remember you dawg."

After we skated with them for a second, we went inside to get some food.
After we ate, we started skating home, and I hit a crack in the sidewalk and I fell off my board and hit my knee. The one with the stitches in it. You know, the one I wasn't supposed to be skating on?

Oh yeah that one.

I called Madre, and she drove me the rest of the eight streets home (I know, I'm a pansy.)

When we got home I put Hydrogen Peroxide on it, and turned on a light to look at it. Apparently I had ripped out one of the stitches. Ouch.

I put a Band-Aid on it and went to bed.

It still stings.

So yeah. That's been my life the past week, sparing some details and small unimportant experiences.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

And as I looked around and saw all the destruction I had caused by eating that one last potato chip, I started to laugh.

Anyways...what's up? Haven't talked to you in a while now.

Don't be angry.

I have come to say hello. And to bring good wishes from the planet Aunt Jemima. I am a Syrupian, and our planet is revered for having such professional nerds like me.

Why do people drink cold water? It just gets warm again when it gets into our bodies...

Anyways, now to actually talk about something. It's Fall Break. So we have a week off of school.
So I'm doing stuff with people for fun. You know, like normal people do. I'm actually waiting for a call right now about the mall. But. Yeah. Mom took the phone and left. D:<

This blog post sucks. Bye.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Why hello there...
Im a rapper.